With its bold, daring exterior alongside its striking figure, the Commercial tower emphasizes dominance and leadership, making it one of the most captivating towers in the area. Here, vision and performance are brought together for production. Offering high-end office spaces, this commercial tower is the new destination for a professional work place.

a commercial hot-spot
Accessibility, convenience and atmosphere are priorities for a new office space as they add to a company’s identity. The commercial tower provides all three along with the additional benefits of a luxurious surrounding. Driving up to the commercial tower just off the main highway could never be easier.

a prime location

As the latest addition to Doha’s newest commercial corridor, the building resides near Lusail City’s Marina. With a panoramic view of Doha and being directly located in the geographic center of Lusail City, the tower offers a premium address for your office - one you could take pride in. Additionally, the tower provides tenants a clear, breathtaking Sea View- a luxurious benefit that is both refreshing and stress-relieving.

with the stunning view of the arabian gulf and the scenery of people and boats as they come and go, the tower invites the gorgeous sight of the sunset above clear waters, a privilege only available to the tower’s tenants.

Exceptional Design and Architecture
The tower’s stony exterior integrated with large window panels and the refreshing tone of bronze color emphasize the strength and vitality needed for every company catering to Qatar’s competitive market.


Incorporating a blend of light and dark colors with high quality flooring, the tower is furnished with Italian ceramic and all areas are designed to offer as much space as possible for comfortable offices and meeting rooms.

the impressive introduction

The ground floor (Lobby) impresses with high standards from the first step in. Decorated elegantly with white Italian marble and Zebrano wood, the Lobby royally welcomes both tenants and visitors.
When walking up to the elevators, nothing but the classical epoxy design will attract attention, providing a luxurious atmosphere leading to the offices.
With additional spaces available on the ground floor, a retail section is also available for rent, offering opportunities for a private cafeteria with direct access to the parking basements.

high-end office space

The Tower has 19 floors, 16 of which are dedicated to providing a range of office areas suitable to your corporate needs and 3 for parking basements. Each floor is equipped with 3 grand elevators for swift access as well as 3 to 4 office spaces offering 200 m2 of open space.